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Best Quality

The conversion efficiency of the solar cell will directly influence its power generation; it is also the important factor which influences the cost of the solar cell. We not only adopt the solar cell with high conversion efficiency, but also introduce the high-reflection back plate and the high-penetration EVA material in order to reduce the loss and improve the conversion efficiency of the module. RiTS is reliable to provide 25-years warranty with 30-years reputation.

Best Reliability

Both TSEC and RiTEK have stringent quality control procedure and precision instruments for taking care of every production detail from solar cell to solar module. RiTS ensures that all of our solar products are passed double run 100% EL inspection, and in compliance with independent third-party testing standards, such as TÜV, MCS, UL, and JET (Japanese) certification.


Best Reputation

RiTEK Group was established in 1988, has accumulated outstanding R&D and manufacturing capabilities in multiple industries almost for 3 decades. TSEC teams up all professionals of high–performance solar cells, which is proven by world-class customers in EU, Japan, Asia and US. Combined with the advantages from two parents companies, public listed in Taiwan stock market, RiTS are committed to supplying high-quality and high-performance solar modules made in Taiwan. Meanwhile, RiTS’ professional green energy team provides comprehensive consulting services, such as turn-key solutions and system integration.


Made in Taiwan

Solar module guaranties performance more than 25 years, much longer than most of electricity products. It deserves good care of all production details. RiTS only supplies modules made with Taiwanese cell and made by Taiwan experienced engineer team. We protect your investment by the highest class of quality control.


Excellent Tailor-made

RiTS provides both standard and customized solar modules. Standard module includes white back sheet and silver frame, black back sheet and frame in multi-layout (4x9, 6x6, 6x7, 7x8, 6x9, 6x10, 6x12). Special size and structure are possible, such as extra high or load endurance. RiTS makes your solar project unique.


Prompt and Flexible Logistics from EU

RiTS has warehouses in Europe and keeps regular inventory. Delivery can be made within a week for spot orders. RiTS provides efficient service for customers' urgent demand.


Total Solution

RiTS provides package service for your solar products and system. For commercial purchasers, our specialists ensure supplies on time and keep customers free from VAT/ taxes risks. For household consumers, RiTS provides full-package service includes free measurement, design proposal and personal financial planning. Everyone is VIP in RiTS.


Best Value of Your Money

Every pricing has its reasons. RiTS provides the best quality products with reasonable price. Solar system is long-term investment which safety is not negotiable either. Only the products with the best cost-performance ratio should be your choose. We know how to keep you free from risks and value your money.


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